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Everything about Sourdough

Sourdough bread is for me one of the most fascinating things in the kitchen. You can make something so amazing and complex with basically just two simple ingredients - water and flour.

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About Sourdough

These days there has been a big hype about sourdough bread again, because of people spending more time at home and trying out new recipes. Also, the trend to rediscover former ways of cooking from our ancestors is contributing to this boom. Making something on your own again from scratch, instead of buying it made from your nearest store. Something that is way more healthy, and besides you know exactly what’s inside.

My passion for bread started already a long time ago. My parents used to buy ecological products from nearby farmers in the countryside. We nearly always had whole grain bread at home and mostly if possible ecological sourdough whole grain bread. I got so in love with this fantastic bread and its distinctive flavors, that most of the normal white bread from the store tasted like nothing to me.

Some years ago I started to read about sourdough cultures and how to make your own yeast bacteria. All kinds of fermentation and processes with natural bacteria involved, I find fascinating. So I started to make my own sourdough bread at home. Well, the first few loaves were not really like I hoped they would be, but I didn’t give up. I tried to find as much information as possible about bread baking in books and the internet. At that time there  wasn’t so much information about it and all the big books about sourdough baking were still to come.

From time to time in my free time, I dedicated myself to this new hobby, and through the years got more successful. Don’t take me wrong, I am not a professional baker, and for sure there are a lot of other people on the internet (which some I will link below) that know a lot more about sourdough baking. But I experienced a lot through these years and want to share with you my way of making delicious bread at home. 

If you have, like me sometimes a difficult work schedule that does not permit you to bake every week, you can also make bigger batches of bread and freeze it. Also, if you are just two people at home and don’t eat bread every day it is maybe a good idea to freeze some bread you make. We just cut the baked bread in half or quarters and put it in the freezer. You just pull out a piece of bread from the freezer the night before or just defrost it in the oven in the morning – like that you can have always delicious fresh homemade bread.

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How to make your own Sourdough Starter

Learn how to create your own culture from scratch and how to maintain your starter. The process is easy and doesn’t require any skill.

Learn how to easily make your own Sourdough Starter

sourdough, sourdough bread, natural fermentation, bread baking

The Necessary Material

To bake your own bread at home, there are some basic materials that you will need. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but without these equipments it can be difficult to have success.

Note that the links below are affiliate links in which I earn a small amount on each sale (you are not charged over normal price). These small earnings help me to keep my site running. – so thank you!


White Sourdough Bread

My favorite white flour sourdough bread recipe. I will explain you everything step by step from the beginning. Try this recipe before you make a whole grain sourdough bread.

See the White Sourdough Bread Recipe (no knead)

sourdough, sourdough bread, natural fermentation, bread baking
White sourdough bread recipe

Whole Grain Sourdough Bread

My favorite whole grain recipe. Before you go for this recipe, try the white sourdough bread recipe first. It will help you to learn the basics more easily.

See the Whole Grain Sourdough Bread Recipe

sourdough, sourdough bread recipe, natural fermentation, bread baking
whole grain sourdough bread

Sourdough Discard Ideas

Some Ideas, what you can do with your Sourdough discard, when maintaining your starter instead of throwing into the garbage.

Want some ideas

sourdough discard pancake 686 2 My Chef Recipe

Books and Links

My favorite Books about Baking

There is a lot of beautiful literature about baking. Once you get addicted to your new hobby you might check out some new recipes and variations you can make with your sourdough culture. Here I want to show you some of my favorite books about baking.

Note that the links below are affiliate links in which I earn a small amount on each sale (you are not charged over normal price). These small earnings help me to keep my site running. – so thank you!

See my favorite Cookbooks

book flour water salt My Chef Recipe

Get It

book bread My Chef Recipe

Get It

book the bread builders My Chef Recipe

Get It

book tartine My Chef Recipe

Get It

sourdough bread loaf detail 1200 1 My Chef Recipe

Amazing Websites and Blogs about Bread

Through the years, I gained some experience with baking and how to handle sourdough, but there are many people out there that for sure understand a lot more than me. I have big respect for these people, dedicating their time to this vast subject. These blogs and websites helped me to learn and understand better most of the things I know today. So if the Information on my site is not enough or you simply want to dive deeper into the world of bread, I hope you enjoy the following links.
A website dedicated to baking sourdough bread in your home kitchen. Its mission is to help others bake healthy, naturally leavened sourdough bread right from home using a wild yeast starter.  Maurizio Leo @food52’s Resident Bread Baker. Helping others bake sourdough bread.
The Fresh Loaf, a community for amateur artisan bakers and bread enthusiasts! Its mission is to share the love of bread: recipes, lessons, reviews, and so on.
At Breadtopia you will find video tutorials; recipes; premium baking ingredients, Breadtopia-branded heirloom grains, flours, and sourdough starter; hand-picked, high-quality baking gear and supplies; and access to the friendliest, most dedicated baking community you could ever hope to meet.
A Blog not only about baking but with a lot of information and great experiments about sourdough – check out the YouTube channel for amazing videos.

Martin Schreiner

Martin Schreiner

Hello, my name is Martin, I am Austrian, and a professional cook for 15 years now. I have been passionate about cooking since I was a kid. Throughout my career I had the possibility to work in several countries, to know different cultures and incredible people. At the moment I live and work in the charming city of Barcelona …

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