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If you love cooking and like to discover new recipes, for sure you also love cookbooks. At least that is my case, I am crazy about them. The feeling of holding a beautiful new cookbook with marvelous pictures and amazing recipes to discover is something unique for me. It does not matter, if it is a book for home-cooks with simple recipes or a high-end gourmet professional book, I find them all interesting.

During the years it became an obsession and if there would not be my girlfriend controlling me sometimes I would have an entire library already. I had the opportunity to participate in some recipe productions for magazines and cookbooks. That also brought me to the idea, of writing down my own recipes and sharing them with you on the internet.

Of course there are big differences between books. The most important in my opinion is the originality and usability of the recipes. Does it happen, that you follow a recipe completely, but in the end the outcome is disappointing? My mother also complains about that. There are a lot of books out there which may be beautiful and expensive productions with wonderful pictures but the recipes are completely worthless.

So I would like to help you to get a better picture of some useful books and make some recommendations.

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