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You love cooking and want to learn some new recipes with flavors from around the world?
Then we have something in common, and I would like to help you, discovering new recipes and cooking techniques. Let me tell you something about me. 

My name is Martin Schreiner, and I’m from the beautiful countryside of Salzburg / Austria. Since I can remember I was fascinated by cooking and after my degree in tourism management, I started my career as a professional cook.

After 15 years I’m still in love with my work, although it was not always easy, due to a lot of working hours and difficult schedules, that mostly did not combine with family and friends. I would be lying if I would say, that quitting never came to my mind during all these years, but always the passion for my work and all the wonderful aspects around it made me continue.

As a part of my work, I had the possibility to travel a lot and cook in different countries. I have been working in Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Brazil, Peru and at the moment I am working in the Restaurant Tickets from the famous chef Albert Adriá in Barcelona.

What I love the most about cooking is the never-ending process of learning. Still, I discover new things every day and the more I learn, the more I understand that I know nothing.

For me, it is really important to cook high-quality food. That is possible if you use high-quality products. Choosing seasonal, regional, and if possible ecological or organic products, automatically whatever you are cooking gets more healthy. Do not get me wrong, this is not a website only about low cab and vegetarian recipes. In my humble opinion, you do not need to make a special diet or be an extremist to be healthy.

The industrialization of our agriculture during the last decades is one of the biggest problems of a poor diet. The best way would be regenerative agriculture, an approach that not only supports sustainability, but also rejects pesticides, artificial fertilizers and aims to improve the regeneration of the topsoil, the biodiversity, and the water cycle. Of course, having a healthy diet also implicates well-balanced nutrition with a lot of vegetables, fewer animal proteins, and not too much sugar or fat, but all of that you knew already anyway.

So let’s discover together new recipes with flavors from around the world to cook your own tasty and healthy food. What are you waiting for? See my recipes!

About - me in a parmesan fabric in modena

Me at a Parmesan Factory in Modena / Italy

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